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53% of medical devices have a known critical vulnerability

After a year of unprecedented ransomware attacks on hospitals and healthcare systems – and with healthcare now the #1 target for cybercriminals – critical medical device risks in hospital environments continue to leave hospitals and their patients vulnerable to cyber attacks and data security issues.

Telegram: A Cybercriminal Hotspot – Compromised Financial Accounts

Cybercrime is thriving on Telegram, with more & more threat actors choosing the encrypted messaging app as a viable alternative to the secretive forums of the deep and dark web. In this four-part series, we will explore Telegram’s cybercriminal underbelly, starting with the illicit markets for compromised financial accounts

Poking Holes in Crypto-Wallets: A Short Analysis of BHUNT Stealer

Ever since the Bitcoin boom, crypto currencies have risen sharply in value year after year. Besides attracting more investment, this gain has also increasingly motivated malicious actors to develop stealer malware specialized in gaining access to cryptocurrency wallets.members of ACE Network Plc. has more than 15 years’ experience working in the IT systems integration market. We focus on Datacenter related technologies, solutions as servers, serverdesktop-network virtualization, backup and storage solutions, mobile device management, load balancers and security as a base for all.

Microsoft warns about this phishing attack that wants to read your emails

Attackers have targeted hundreds of organisations, says Microsoft security. Microsoft is warning that Office 365 customers are receiving phishing emails that aim to trick them into giving OAuth permissions to a bogus app that then lets attackers read and write emails.

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability in Contact Center Products

Cisco on Wednesday announced patches for a critical vulnerability in Unified Contact Center Management Portal (Unified CCMP) and Unified Contact Center Domain Manager (Unified CCDM) that could be exploited remotely to elevate privileges to administrator.

Latest web hacking tools – Q1 2022

After our recent end-of-year retrospectives, it’s time to look back again – this time at some of the most compelling open source hacking tools released during the final quarter of 2021.

Hackers use video player to steal credit cards from over 100 sites

Hackers used a cloud video hosting service to perform a supply chain attack on over one hundred real estate sites that injected malicious scripts to steal information inputted in website forms.

North Korean Hackers Start New Year with Attacks on Russian Foreign Ministry 

A North Korean cyberespionage group named Konni has been linked to a series of targeted attacks aimed at the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) with New Year lures to compromise Windows systems with malware.

8 biggest IT disasters of 2021

From security flaws to software engineering fails, these high-profile IT disasters wreaked real-world havoc this year. Let them serve as cautionary tales.

ScarCruft APT Mounts Desktop/Mobile Double-Pronged Spy Attacks

The North Korea-linked group is deploying the Chinotto spyware backdoor against dissidents, journalists and other politically relevant individuals in South Korea.